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Meet our new girl Lizzy who we have just picked up. Sadly she is in a pretty awful state. She was taken in to the vets to be put to sleep however the vets asked us if we could help and was signed over to us. Our vets will be seeing her tomorrow and hopefully start her recovery. She is not up for adoption as yet but will keep you all updated.


I thought you would all like to see how our beautiful LIzzy is getting on.

As I hope you can see Lizzy's skin and coat has improved over short couple of weeks we have had her in our care. She has had a course of antibiotics, been bathed 3 times a week and started her injections for allergy relief medication. This injection has to done every month for the rest of her life, after looking in to her history this was the only thing that worked after many tests. This does come at a cost at £138.88 a month We have had so many enquiries about this gorgeous girl so I am sorry we have closed applications until we have gone through them all after lockdown has been lifted. If could spare anything towards her vets bill now and going forward we would be very grateful.

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 Exciting news here at the Grinshill camp, we are very honoured to be able to announce the hugely talented comedian and actor Greg Davies as our patron