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Lots of people have been asking us lately about our amazon wish list with the run up to xmas, unfortunately due to where we live (if you have been to us you know what I mean) we can not get deliveries . The photo is of items that we feed and use in both the kennels and cattery. We have collection baskets in Tesco, Morrisions, coop Radbrook and Pets at home in Shrewsbury Wilkos Oswestry. We also have two very kind people who have offered to use their address for deliveries, please get in touch for theses. 

xmas list 2022.JPG

Our dogs love toys and go through tennis balls like there is no tomorrow.

Cats Our cats love all kinds of toys and things to keep them entertained
Washing up liquid
Washing capsules/ tablets
Thick bin bags

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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